We would like to dedicate this page of forever to our major contributors who supported us at the very early stages of “Gilgamesh Musical Album”. Without generosity of our major sponsors, production of this project would not be possible. We are very grateful for every person and organization’s support and generosity.

Executive Producers


Associate Producers

Assyrian American Association of Southern California ($1,500)

Dr. Robert Karoukian ($1,500)

Assyrian American Association of San Jose ($1,000)

Mr. Marduke Yousefpor ($1,000)

Mr. Ozhen Minashy ($1,000)

Dr. Ramina Jajoo  ($1,000)

Mr. Ross Jatou ($1,000)

Without Borders  ($1,000)


Dr. Anna Arsenous ($500)

Mr. Ashurbel Pirayou ($500)

Mr. Atheer Youkhana ($500)

Dr. John and Mrs. Jaklin Chalabi ($500)

Drs. Linda and Kevin Germundsen ($500)

Mrs. Romina and Mr. Nardin Ebrahimi ($500)